Signal Treatment Recognition Examples
Exemples de traitement sonore

Philip Tagg, October 2003 (upd. 080913)

Please note:

[1] The samples given below are temporary and are intended to do no more than approximate each type of signal treatment.

[2] The samples do not cover every type of sound treatment in general use. For example, flanging is absent, as are gating, limiting, compression, as well as various types of delay and reverb not included on this page.

[3] To hear sound treatment (incl. compressor, etc.) of the spoken word, visit the Matrix Oral History Tutorial page.

[4] To know a whole lot about meanings, effects and functions associated with the sound treatment of the voice, see Serge Lacasse’s excellent PhD thesis (and this link to his home page).

Click signal treatment type link below to hear MP3 example

Piano (A min)

normal reverb

0% reverb

reverb cathedral

reverb hall

reverb room

stereo reverb 1

stereo reverb 2

stereo reverb 3

rotary speaker*

chorus fast*

(Your Song
 - E flat)

stereo reverb

stereo delay 8s

stereo delay 3 8s

chorus 1

chorus 2


cross-phase + chorus

stereo chorus
+ max phase

tremolo slow

tremolo fast


EQ (filter): 0% treble (“lo-pass”)

EQ (filter): 0% bass (“hi-pass”)



El. guitar





String pad (Bartók)


normal reverb

chorus + max reverb


Hymn Abide with me (E flat, organ)

* In 2 parts: [1] no effect; [2] with effec