Internal search at


3 search routines for 3 situations

[1] Simple internal search. At Enter search text (name, keyword, title, etc.) and press —>
— Into your browser’s Search box enter followed by whatever you want to find.
—To find anything about, say, music for news broadcasts, type, as shown below, TV news music and press Enter. >200 hits!


[2]] Finding a particular video or audio file at
— From the home page select Audiovisual. There press Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on Mac) to look for your ‘thing’ in the list of audiovisual items displayed.
— For example: to find the excellent Dixie Chicks video, press Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on Mac) and enter Dixie Chicks, as shown below. Instant gratification!


[3]] Finding a Tagg video or audio at Vimeo
— Into your browser’s Search box type vimeo tagg followed by whatever you want to find. Then press Enter.
— e.g. to find the excellent Scotch Snap video, type, as shown below, vimeo tagg scotch snap and press Enter. Immediate access!


For wider online Search tips, including syntax, check Web Browsing and Google Searches which I wrote for students in Montréal in 2006 (aussi en français).