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• ‘online texts by this semiotician and seminal figure in popular music studies, specifically semiotic analysis linking musical structure with other aspects of culture and society. Also includes articles on teaching and research methodologies.’

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... Philip Tagg, rare luminary — recommended for anyone inquisitive and not rusted up ... some very useful and important articles.
Recommended Records: ‘Recommended Sites’

Brilliant! New look website, online bibliography, powerpoint, conversations with a telephone and now TaggTV!
Bob Davis (Leeds) 2007-07-24

... vachement cooool...
dew (Copenhagen)

… recoje algunos de los textos más interesantes de este investigador que destaca por revalorizar en sus estudios de música popular urbana la importancia del producto sonoro…
audio teletipos

... I'm a great admirer of Philip Tagg's work and thought, in particular his analyses of library music, and why people use the music they do and for what purpose. But if you aren't, and you find Tagg's perspective all a bit leftish and anti-establishment, think again - ... the Conservative Party of all people telling you that Tagg is absolutely right. Not only can music be used to manipulate you to vote, it can even communicate a political agenda.
Jonathan Still (UK, Sept. 2003)

...meget anbefalelsesværdig.(= highly recommended)
Det virtuelle Musikbibliotek (Denmark)

... useful music research resources and links.
University College Canterbury Christchurch Library: Tips for Music (UK)

… very interesting studies on music
Leonardo Cardoso blog

Anything expands my musical horizons — good thing Philip Tagg has...
AllSound: Mental Shrapnel raquo Guitar

No es un sólo artículo sino muchos..., firmados por el reputado Philip Tagg...
Lycos España: Material pedagógico y de investigación. Enlaces a artículos sobre música de cine.

Philip Tagg has come up with a useful set of tools.
‘Talking sound - the Philip Tagg way’ (Denmark)

...visar hur långt man kan komma i en semiotisk förståelse av musik och känslor (= shows how far you can go in understanding music and emotions)
Mitt hjärtas melodi (Sweden)

This site covers a wide range of outstanding material, musical and non-musical... packed with fascinating resources. The academic content of the site is innovative, including full-text articles, unusually detailed course materials, and an archive of student projects. The musical subject matter is wide-ranging, particularly strong on areas of popular music, film, and semiotics. Further links lead to rare sites of political and miscellaneous interest. Anyone with anti-capitalist sentiments will also find a mine of useful, moving, and amusing links and images. Educators and researchers in most areas of music and the humanities are likely to gain something from this site.
David Pearson, Learning and Teaching Support Network, University of Lancaster, UK.

Fascinating site full of interesting information on popular music, film music, musicology, politics and loads more!
Captain Cardboard’s ‘Useful links and other interesting stuff’

... Bevat o.a. collegeteksten van Tagg en studentenwerkstukken over populaire muziek.
Verwijzingen op het gebied van de muziekwetenschap, Universiteit Utrecht

... An excellent resource, not just for essays on the Semiotics of Music, but also for general things like how to write a dissertation. The essay on melody and accompaniment is a gift.
Jonathan Still: Links to useful articles and pages about music

TopBuscas! Philip Tagg · Enviar este site para um amigo

Theory of Popular Music, Semiotics of Music. Really comprehensive!
[Schwerpunkte: Theory of Popular Music, Semiotics of Music. Sehr umfangreich!
Dietmar Korthals:

A nice collection of texts… to read and download. Truly impressive.
[Un bel po’ di libri di Philip Tagg da leggere e scaricare… Veramente impressionante]
Online magazine Sentire/Ascoltare

‘Excellent examples of music articles and essays’ Business magazine Studio33 (2001)
‘Some very useful and important articles’ Recommended Records
‘Wide-ranging musicology essays’ KVR Muse Research

Date: Thu, Apr 03, 2003, 09:00
From: Tay Boh Tsun
Subject: Semiotics of Popular Music [was: Asking some advices]
Dear Giovanni, I am researching into similar topic and faced similar problems that you have. But on the analysis of popular music I think there is a good article that you may want to refer to: "Introductory Notes to the Semiotics of Music" by Philip Tagg which can be downloaded ...
Eunomios Forum

Date: Mon, 3 Nov, 2008, 16:21
Gracias a Carlos García por las suas gracias

‘Hola, Encontrar este sitio ha sido muy importante para mi conocimiento personal, y aunque hace poco que lo visito, me ha abierto un nuevo panorma en cuanto a lo profundo que pueden ser los significados de la música... ...sólo quería agradecer a su autor por compartir sus estudios y amplio conocimiento y espero que el sitio continue online por mucho, mucho más tiempo.’ Emailed comment
[=Finding this site has been very important for me... It's opened a new perspective on the scope of musical meanings... I'd just like to thank the author for sharing his studies and... knowledge, in the hope that the site will stay online for much, much longer.]

Thank you, Tay Boh Tsun and Carlos García. Knowing that makes all the effort worth while.

I also want to thank all those musicians and young people who, in their blog or MySpace, seem to have found my stuff useful or influential.