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Site Definition
By ‘on this site’, ‘at this website’, etc. is meant any file or files (text, image, audio or video recording) whose URL starts with any of the following prefixes: [1] [2] [3]

General principle CClogos

The idea is to make as much information and as many ideas as possible available to as many as possible of those involved in education and research without them having to pay for it. You are in other words welcome to quote, borrow, or otherwise use, free of charge, any materials (ideas, information, images, music, video etc.) appearing on this site (as defined above) according to the following conditions and exceptions.

Conditions and exceptions

  1. Misappropriation avoidance imperative. No substantial part of any file on ths site may be re-posted elsewhere on the internet without permission from the author; [request permission].
  2. CCByOnlyAttribution imperative. You must clearly refer to the relevant author[s] and include link[s] or written reference to the relevant URL at this website as the source of any materials you use.
  3. Moral rights imperative. You are free to criticise or overtly parody, but not to otherwise unduly distort, misquote or misrepresent the content of what you use from this site.
  4. CCNoProfitNon-profit imperative. You may not without permission use for financial gain or for any other commercial ends any materials published on this site. To request permission in such cases, please contact me.
  5. If I am not the author of the extract you quote, please contact that other copyright holder directly. I cannot mediate betwen them and you on your behalf.

Personal request

If you use any of my materials, or those of my students, in your teaching or research, or on your blog, etc. it would be useful to me and to the advantage of this site if you could let me know. Thank you. Top