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  • Good for  questions,   conversation or discussion.
  • Good for fixing dates  and  times.
  • Immediate response if you have  the right number and I’m at home.
SMS icon 
  • Excellent for short questions   and messages.
  • Good for fixing dates    and  times.
  • Quick response anywhere if my phone is connected and if I can  hear the ringtone.
  • WhatsApp messages are encrypted end-to-end.
  • Assumes you have the    relevant number.
email icon
  • Even if you don't have my phone or email details you can send me a short message (max 2k).
    It WILL reach my email inbox but please note that I may not be able to respond promptly.
Skype icon
  • Skype is much more efficient than email for discussion, conversation, consultation, etc.
  • I can agree to connect to Skype   if time  is arranged in ad   vance by phone, SMS,    WhatsApp or email.
  • I am never permanently    connected to Skype.    If I was I would get    nothing else done!
  • I already have difficulty coping with electronic communication.
  • Hard copy just makes things even harder (see here).
  • Print-outs, paper, envelopes. mail delivery, etc. are all slow, costly and ecologically unsound.
For reasons of security, privacy and mental health, I am not permanently on line.
Since December 2017 I am once again living in Liverpool (UK).
Asocial media:
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